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Hymie Weiss Personal Prayer Book

Among some of Hymie's treasured possessions, is this hundred plus year old personal prayer book that was given to him at a young age by a teacher at St. Malachy's Catholic school. Hymie thumbed through it in his idle moments. This book was supposedly with Hymie at the time of his death.

Although old and falling apart, I have deacidified the pages and applied cellugel to the covers to prevent further red rot and decay.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Certified 100%

Front cover of the Key Of Heaven published in 1907.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Earl  J."Hymie" Weiss personally inscribed (signed) prayer bible.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Front title page.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Two Saintly paper cards in booklet.
(Mario Gomes collection)

How fitting what is written in the back. Hymie must have seen it's significance, and in the end knew the consequences.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Special thanks to Weiss relative Mr. Robert Koznecki who made this item possible for the myalcaponemuseum collection.

The Weiss Mausoleum

In the summer of 2007, Weiss' relatives undertook replacing the near collapsing ceiling in the Weiss mausoleum in Mt. Carmel cemetary. Seeing as it's somewhat of a tourist attraction and a part of Chicago's history, Bob Koznecki decided to fix the ceiling before it could collapse hurting someone or probably damaging the final resting places of the Weiss family. The marble was sagging after 80 plus years of freezing cold winters, and scorching hot summers. Scaffolding inside the cramped mausoleum was built by Bob and Brian for safety and then the ceiling was carefully disassembled. A spanking brand new ceiling was installed, one that would make Earl and the family proud that they were not forgotten. Since it no longer figured in holding the new ceiling (it wasn't needed), and after pestering Bob, I acquired the decorative brass rosette that was holding part of the old ceiling up.

No longer needed to hold the new ceiling up this brass Rosette from Hymie weiss Mausoleum is now part of the myalcaponemuseum collection.
(Mario Gomes collection. Special thanks to Bob Koznecki)

Bob Koznecki holding Rosette.

Inside view of mausoleum on top of scaffolding. Note rosette dangling from roof.
Numbers on parts of the mausoleum were made by constructors for easy reassembly at cemetary for Hymie's new home.

Long brass rod that attached to rosette and kept ceiling up for 80 years.
(Mario Gomes Collection)

Rosette inside mausoleum holding up old and warped marble ceiling

 Bob slowly and carefully chipping away around scaffolding.

Bob hard at work.

Bob's friend Brian (left) and Bob removing a slab of the old and faultering marble ceiling.
Bob was so kind in offering the marble pieces for my collection. It's still much appreciated my friend!

The Ceiling today.

The brand spanking new marble ceiling today that was installed by Bob and  Brian.
(Photo courtesy of Bob and Sue Koznecki)

View of the new ceiling from inside of Weiss mausoleum looking out.
(Photo courtesy of Bob and Sue Koznecki)

83 year piece of marble from Hymie Weiss' mausoleum ceiling
(Mario Gomes Collection)

Underside of marble. This side was facing under roof of mausoleum.
(Mario Gomes Collection)

Other miscellaneous pieces from ceiling.
(Mario Gomes Collection)

Smaller pieces and rubble of ceiling.
(Mario Gomes Collection)