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The Capone News

New Book
Written by Al Capone's granddaughter!
Yes! That's correct! Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone's daughter!
(Click on book for purchase info)

 Diane Patricia Capone

Listen to Diane's interview on WGN radio.

April 2019
Let the Lunacy begin! The ridiculous movie called 'Fonzo' should be expected to rear it's ugly head near the end of this year. I can picture the Capone family rolling their eyes at their infamous relative's persona taking another life of it's own and again recounted in made up and different scenarios. First off, Al Capone was never called Fonzo his entire lifetime!

From a film reviewer.
"as well as having withdrawal symptoms from an absolutely colossal cocaine habit which had worn through his septum."
New York Times September 18,1994 reply to Bergreen's nonsense.
Read more about this myth HERE

The main causes of septum perforation.

August 1,1931.

So, It's apparently going to be a cocaine fueled movie (Thanks to Laurence Bergreen's nonsense that is so easily believed by the masses and Hollywood without any concrete facts.) And on top of it all, Al is now going to see ghosts, shoot fish from his boat and whatever nonsense they can attribute to him. The film maker Josh Trank claims in a tweet that he now is "following an honest path." Really? Well Mr. Trank you are not completely honest with your subject portrayals in your films, now are you?

Hardy as Capone in upcoming movie called "Fonzo"
Photos From Tom Hardy's instagram.

I know seeing the photos of the real Al here is not as sensational and exciting as the made up movie one, which basically just hypes for profits.
These photos below show the real Al Capone near the end of his life. As you can see for yourself, nothing really crazy or looney about him here.
 Al just released from Baltimore hospital 1940.

A smiling Al Capone listens to the charges from his lawyer Abraham Teiltelbaum, February 1941.

Ralph Capone and friends with Al (Seated) on a Wisconsin hunting trip 1944.

 Al with his mother on dock in the back of 93 Palm Avenue 1945-46.

 Mae, Al and Muriel at a wedding, New Jersey, 1945.

August 1946 in Wisconsin. Al Capone five months before his death.
(Photo by kind permission of Mr. Corey Hart)

Yes, make no mistake, Al Capone was indeed a gangster, a bonefide killer, a cheater, a person that hurt many people in his life's path for profit. For all we know, he still may be rotting in hell! With that being said, and out of the way, I remain steadfast that for history's sake, adding more made up Hollyweirdo fuel to the already burning fire does not make it any more truthful. God help humanity if some whack job film maker looking to make a quick buck suddenly decides one day that Adolf Hitler was really a sweet kind of guy! YIKES!

You want to visit Chicago. You want to go on a real gangster tour? Nothing cheesy? One with historically correct info?
Then please visit John Binder's website! The one and only real accurate source for gangster touring in Chicago!
Capone, Accardo, Giancana, Nitti. All the big boys were here!

August 2018

Scarface and The Untouchable
Al Capone, Eliot Ness and the Battle for Chicago

It's finally come to the point where I no longer care if another book on Capone is coming out. After several decades at this subject, I can see that the Capone subject is now just running on weak fumes. Basically, what is only left, is authors and researchers trying to out do one another by;
 1) Repeating the same crap over and over.
2) Making stuff up.
3) Taking another author's research and trying to disprove it.
4) Just plain bashing each other.
5) Trying to get a movie deal.

The joke in all of this, is that almost every author since 1994, has screwed up the Capone facts in one way or another.
The above book is good for one thing only. It is good for a history novice to read about the ying and yang of Chicago gangdom. The only thing I like about it is the credit it renders Eliot Ness, who was ridiculed for the book that came out attached to his name, this, after his death. For that one, Oscar Fraley is to blame. Not Ness! This new book gives us a good general picture of both main characters.
Now, I, not being a noob at this subject was kind of disappointed at the multitude of errors found in this book for the Capone pages. Some real glaring errors that could have been easily verified, and yet they still remain flawed in this version. I wouldn't have minded these errors so much had the authors had not been so cocky in bashing others and claiming their research as 'Top Notch'.  Yes!, even if I agree with some of the bashing they did!
I won't divulge the errors here, lest the authors see them and correct them for their next printing just as the sneaky Jonathan Eig craftily did. When you can't get your facts right the first time, make it look like you did in the second printing. Ha!
Now if you want stuff that doesn't smell like Capone fumes, then just peruse this website. This is my book of sorts. Here you will find factual stuff that has never seen the light of day. The best part is it doesn't cost you one thin dime!

March 2018

New Capone film Update!
Al Capone get ready to roll in your grave! New film on Al Capone with Tom Hardy expecting to blow!!! Big time!! I was really holding out promise for this one. Really rooting for it! Especially after reading about how Hardy is the consumate actor. Well, the film's producers and researchers pretty much took a shit all over that held out promise! For just once I was hoping Hollywood would take a stab at the truth and make this film the only Capone film with and ounce of truth. After I read the following and seen some preliminary photos, I shrugged my shoulders in defeat. Let the bullshit begin!
Below is an excerpt from and photos from Instagram

Hardy as a sickly Capone

"Capone was a ruthless mobster who ruled Chicago with an iron fist during the 1920s. He was prosecuted for income tax evasion in 1931 and imprisoned. He died at the age of 47, following nearly a decade of imprisonment, of dementia.

Cardellini will play Capone’s long-suffering wife Mae, Dillon will depict his closest friend Johnny, MacLachlan will portray his doctor Karlock, and Narducci will be Rosie, one of his sisters."

Hardy as a cartoonish Capone making Al look dour and bitter.

The real Al Capone. Note the half assed smile. Capone looks somewhat amused at ths shot.

First off, Fonzo? What the f&%$ is that? Al was never called by that name! What ass hat was this supposed fact pulled out of?
Capone died at 48 years old not 47. Doctor Karlock? Really? Why not go with Dr. Doorknob while you are at it? His name was Kenneth Phillips!
One of Capone's sisters? Capone had only one living sister named Mafalda. His other sister died at birth and was named Irmina. If these simple facts couldn't be looked up and corrected by the lazy film researchers, then I shudder to think what other misteps this film will take. Hollywood is always the first to complain that their government lies to it's own people and yet they do the same. Practice what you preach for once! Some on the Hollywood message board state these fake personas are used "to protect the innocent". Well, Mae was innocent so how come they use her name in it?
For location, I just don't understand the thinking in using a house in New Orleans when the actual Capone Miami home, the one where he died is so available for shooting movies. The owners even offer it up for specifically for that purpose.
To point these things out, I had sent an email to Hardy's agent's assistants, John Hyslop and Joel Keating. (Tom's agent Lindy King is apparently too important to answer emails from us regular folk). Of course, and as expected, not even a reply from the agent's assistants! I'm sure they would have replied if I were a film company requiring Hardy's acting services. Anyhow, Mr. Hardy, I know you have no time for the "average human being" but please feel free to contact me to discuss Capone and please try not to rely on lame researchers! Doubt it! With my luck he will probably pick up and rely on one of the books displayed in the above garbage bin that is shown at the top of this web page! Yikes! May God help us all!

In the end, only the die hard Tom Hardy fans, the ones who have no clue who Al Capone is will totally enjoy this movie. As for the rest of us, those who know this Capone subject well, we'll either pass or cringe through it! I, on the other hand will be here as always, correcting the bastardization of invented Capone "facts" done by Mr. Hardy and his film crew. You know the emails that start off "I saw that in Fonzo Al Capone did this or that. Is it true? And I will reply no, it never happened. That was Hollywood made up stuff. After all my years at this, the Capone nonsense just never seems to end!

December 2017
The movie "Gangster Land" = Gangster Hollywood Crap!
I just viewed Gangster Land with Milo Gibson as Al Capone. What total and utter crap!!! Of course historically inaccurate, I thought for a second I was watching the 1975 kids movie called Bugsy Malone with Scott Baio and Jodie Foster. The costumes were shit, the sets looked fake and newly painted. The massacre brick wall wasn't even a wall, but metal sheeting. The address was 2120 North Clark. Louise Rolfe had black hair and I could go on. Glad I didn't pay  a dime to see this shit!

The 1926 Pony Inn hit which killed McSwiggin was shown in a scene. It shows McSwiggin getting a blow job from a prostitute inside the Pony Inn when they are both machine gunned by Jack McGurn. I really give up on history when researchers can't take a second to verify any facts. I hope no McSwiggin relatives are around, because I'm sure this gross misrepresentation of their relative's death is insulting and just plain stupid!

Hollywood take note of this evidence; A dead McSwiggin found outside a few miles from the Pony Inn. No prostitute was found machine gunned next to him.

When  a very oafish Capone is sentenced for 10 years, and not 11 in this one, he yells out at the judge, "Do you know who the fuck I am?" " I'm fucking Al Capone!"
Ah, fuck it I say!!!!

June 2017

Another Al Capone movie is in the works, well sort of. After hearing of Tom Hardy playing Al Capone in a movie that is in production along comes another with Mel Gibson's son Milo playing Capone in a movie called "Ganster Land" The movie centers around the 1920's gang wars in Chicago. They are touting it as Irish against Italians culminating in the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. There really wasn't such a thing as the Irish mob against Italians. It was more Southside against Northside. Yes, the Southside was comprised mainly of Italians but the Northside comprised mainly of Germanic, Jewish and irish ancestry. Heck Vincent Drucci whose real name was Ludovico D'Ambrosio was Sicilian and was in the supposedly Irish mob? Northside mob dammit! Please get it right Hollywood!!! We are not all halfwit morons! Timothy Woodward Jr. is directing Gangster Land for Status Media & Entertainment.

February 2017

Well, here we go again! More disproving of past nonsense which seems to pop up from time to time! A story taken from Laurence Bergreen's fictional Capone bio has made stories again via a baseball message board. People should really take the time to do some research before believing everything they read.
There is a claim that the boy in this photo next to Al Capone is not Sonny (Albert Francis) Capone, but a stand in used by the name of Sam Pontarelli from Chicago Heights.

So where did the story come from?  Again, Bergreen's book,  see page 227.  Here is the passage:  
"...Capone became a regular at Chicago Cubs home games, always in the company of several bodyguards, and occasionally a young boy that everyone, including the newspapers, assumed was his son.  But Capone was not so foolish as to display his only child in front of 30,000 members of the public.  Sonny Capone remained secluded in the safety of the family house on South Prairie Avenue, and this boy was a stand-in.  He was Sam Pontarelli, another of Capone's surrogate sons."
No footnote explaining anything about this passage; not when or why this supposed person stated it, no discussion of the proof that this supposed person provided showing that it's not Sonny, not anything to corroborate this statement. The only thing noted is "Pontarelli interview".

For further proof that puts this story to lie with the fishes please click on this above same photo. It will take you to a video. I have taken a bonafide Capone family photo of Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone and superimposed it as a transparency over the above photo. This is without a doubt Al Capone's son and not a stand in as claimed by Bergreen.

December 2016

New book on the way!

Al Capone's Beer Wars:
 A Complete History of Organized Crime in Chicago during Prohibition
(June 2017)

Although much has been written about Al Capone, there has not been--until now--a complete history of organized crime in Chicago during Prohibition. This exhaustively researched book covers the entire period from 1920 to 1933. Author John J. Binder, a recognized authority on the history of organized crime in Chicago, discusses all the important bootlegging gangs in the city and the suburbs and also examines the other major rackets, such as prostitution, gambling, labor and business racketeering, and narcotics.

A major focus is how the Capone gang -- one of twelve major bootlegging mobs in Chicago at the start of Prohibition--gained a virtual monopoly over organized crime in northern Illinois and beyond. Binder also describes the fight by federal and local authorities, as well as citizens' groups, against organized crime. In the process, he refutes numerous myths and misconceptions related to the Capone gang, other criminal groups, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, and gangland killings.

What emerges is a big picture of how Chicago's underworld evolved during this period. This broad perspective goes well beyond Capone and specific acts of violence and brings to light what was happening elsewhere in Chicagoland and after Capone went to jail.

Based on 25 years of research and using many previously unexplored sources, this fascinating account of a bloody and colorful era in Chicago history will become the definitive work on the subject.

November 5, 2016
Possible new movie on Al Capone in the works?
It's not the first time we have been teased by Hollywood in recent years. Many have fell through before production movies like The Untouchables; Capone Rising, Cicero etc....But not since Robert DeNiro's Capone role do we now have Tom Hardy set to play big Al in his tormented years! You know? the scary ones near the end of his life. That should be interesting to say the least! Hardy sure has a lot on his plate to pull off. Yes, in the meantime there have been documentaries, with shitty re-enactments, lousy Al Capone acting etc... I'm relying on a guy like Hardy to dust off the past Capone books, read newspaper accounts of the day to get a glimpse into the real Al Capone and PLEASE, not the Looney Toons version of what some faulty books and documentaries already give us as their version.
This current angled scenario, near the end of his life with recollections or flashbacks should be real kick ass! Of course that is, if it's done right!
Yes, we the people demand historically correct please! I guess like always in the past, we just have to wait and see!