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The New 'Capone' Movie
This web page was created after several email inquiries about the authenticity of scenes in the movie.
I was also asked many times what I thought of it. Here is the lowdown.

Written and directed by Josh Trank
Starring Tom Hardy
On May 12, 2020, Hollywood released yet another movie on the subject of Al Capone, the infamous Chicago gangster. While I won't denigrate, in any way, fans who enjoy their idol Tom Hardy, I do have to take a stand on the truthfullness and historical correctness of this flick. This horrible movie has absolutely none of the two redeeming qualities.
The premise of this movie is remotely and retardly based on an imaginary view of Al Capone's final end of life. In the cluster bang of this psycho circus carnival, they have Tom Hardy defecating and urinating all over the place. Grunting and mumbling, his Italian dialect sounds like he just learned it on an language app right before the scene. They have him shuffling around the house with a carrot in his mouth instead of a cigar, wearing a diaper and shooting off a gold plated Thompson sub machine gun that has a magical drum with endless rounds!
In the movie, the government is there wiretapping his conversations hoping to find out where Capone stashed his millions.
As one intelligent friend of mine so well stated, "Sadly, this will be believed by the common lowest denominators. "
You know, the ones who drink Lysol thinking it will cure the coronavirus!
I wonder if Mr. Trank ever had a moment of reflection before putting any of these wild assumptions to video media? I wonder what Mr. Trank would think if someone in his own family had their story told up on the screen, with made up twisted lies and embarassing private human bodily functions exposed for the world to see as a cheap form of entertainment?

Hardy's imaginary bullshit version of Al Capone
(Vertical Entertainment)

First off, I can assure you that yes! Al Capone was a murderer, a pimp, a killer! This cannot not ever be denied and should never be forgotten!! The problem I take exception to is why make up such needless baloney? What do you really gain by doing this? I've seen this in books with my over three decades of researching Al Capone.
One author puts out a book and the next idiot tries to make his stand out from the last one by adding a hook. The hook is usually an assumption or baseless fact, or document that is twisted in the way that favor's the author's idiotic point of view. This is usually down to outshine the previous authors. Same thing with the film biz!

I'm assuming the next author or director with a Capone penchant will come out with some more horse dung to tack on to Al's unbelievably endless rap sheet. Even though the man has been dead for the past 70+ years!!!
What's next? Let me guess? Al Capone vs Dracula's daughter?

Al Capone smoking cigars, not carrots near the end of his life.
(Photos by kind permission of Diane Patricia Capone)

Today's directors, actors and authors seem only interested in one thing! Seeing their name and faces out there and the money they can reap from creating this moronic bullshit! After a major directing failure, Trank had to find some way back into Hollywood, so instead of doing something decent, he went in the controversial way! Doing the opposite of what any class act director would do.

Al Capone didn't wear a diaper! Even with the days that his brain short circuited to that of a 12 year old, one must also remember that even a 12 year old knows when he has to use the toilet! One must differentiate the evaluation doctors assessed to him at the hospital. We often hear the report that Al Capone had the mentality of a 12 year old child. That statement is not exactly correct. One assumes a babbling idiot etc...  Some twelve year olds are geniuses! So let's look at two photos of references. January 22, 1947, doctor from Baltimore makes the statement. Other photo is document of Al's 1932 psychiatric evaluation. Note he is at an age 15 level. So what does this all mean?  So in both cases, Capone's 'mentality' refers to temperament of a 12 year old child, and not intelligence. If it was his intelligence that was measured, then this would otherwise be referred to as 'mental capacity'. Al Capone had an average IQ! A 95 IQ means that you have average intelligence. A 95 IQ just means that you have the same intelligence as most other people. To put it in perspective, most IQ scores range from 40 to 140.

Here is Al Capone's 1932 Atlanta penitentiary psychriatric evaluation that shows his mental temperament being at age 15 level.

So in both cases, Capone's 'mentality' refers to temperament of a 12 year old child, and not intelligence. If it was his intelligence that was measured, then this would otherwise be referred to as 'mental capacity'.
Decatur Herald January 22,1947.

Al Capone didn't use a carrot to replace his cigars! Photo evidence shows Al Capone with cigars in his mouth or in his shirt pockets right up to the last month of his life!

The Tom Hardy zombie bullshit and the real Al Capone 5 months before his death.
(Vertical Entertainment and Corey Hart)

Al Capone was never called Fonzo! His name was Alphonse, Al, Mr. Capone. He was also called Papa, Sweetie or Honey by Mae and real close relatives.
Al Capone never dressed as a woman to go fishing! Why would he need to? His boat was at the end of the dock of his house!
Al Capone never fished in his pool! That was made up in the 1975 movie 'Capone' played by Ben Gazzara. Even near the end of his life he fished off the dock!

Al Capone relaxing in the sun with his mom on the dock of his Florida Mansion 1946. Note the fishing pole on the table. Al wasn't  a babbling idiot in a bathrobe fishing in the pool. That was made up through time. He fished off the dock.  See and read Capone Myths
(Mario Gomes Collection)

Al Capone had no connection to an illegitimate child! As of this day still unproven he fathered anyone!
Al Capone had no bodyguard named Gino! Capone had nurse's aids. The only bodyguard was a guy who watched over him in outside settings like going to the barber or restaurant.

Christmas 1946, Al Capone with wife Mae and his three granddaughters.
Capone will pass away a month after this photo was taken.
(Photos by kind permission of Diane Patricia Capone)

So Al Capone was never anywhere near as sick as this movie has depicted him to be! He was fine right up to the last month of his life. Being sick, he had his good days and bad days just like any other human being who is ill and near the end of his life.

Al Capone once said something profound. It still applies more than ever today.

"I'm a spook, born of a million minds!"

If only he could see today what his story has lead up to!

For acting and directing, this movie gets a half star out of 5 stars! On the bullshit scale, this dud of a movie gets 10 stars out of 5 stars!
You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll kiss your 10 bucks good-bye!  

The Real Al Capone 1939-1946

Pennsylvania 1939                   Miami 1940

Miami 1941

( Top right, Diane Patricia Capone. Others, Mario Gomes Collection)   

Albert Francis, Diane Ruth, Al and Mae Capone 1942.

(Photo by kind permission of Diane Patricia Capone)

Miami 1943
( Mario Gomes Collection)   

    Wisconsin 1944           New Jersey 1945
( Mario Gomes Collection)   

Mercer August 1946              Miami Xmas 1946
(Photos by kind permission of Corey Hart and Diane Patricia Capone)

My heartfelt thank-you to Al Capone granddaughter Diane Patricia Capone.
Her photos and stories help show the historically correct version of her grandfather.