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(Frequently asked questions)

In order to avoid replying to the same gazillion emails I receive all the time, I'm putting up this webpage. If you don't find the answer here, then you can email your request.

First off, some technical Stuff

Q: I can't see the photos on your site and sometimes get an error message. Is there something is wrong with your webpage or website?
A: Actually, the problem may be at your end and not mine. Make sure you have "Show Pictures" checked in your advanced tab to your internet options. Have your web browser updated with the latest versions of it's files.
Other reasons that may cause this problem is too strong firewall settings (Uncheck Web Bugs) or too high internet security zone settings. Those should be at the default level settings.
Lastly, this site is to be viewed through high speed internet. Dial up connection may be too slow to show all the many images placed on each page. Try refreshing the web page to correct this.
I've tested my site via friends from all over the globe, and on various devices (Computers, laptops and Blackberrys). All reported no problems viewing this site.

 Q: Why is your website layout simple and boring? It's not that great!
A: Simple! As far as the layout, many of all ages (12- 80 years), compliment that it is real easy for them to navigate the site. I once had a real flashy version of this site, but it proved to be too problematic to run with all the different devices used today to surf the net. It had lots of viruses causing it to always crash, so I now just use a simple no frills layout that can be seen by all on most devices. Tell me, what's important? The info and research or the technical bells and whistles?

General Questions

Q: I have a Capone or gangster item I would like to sell, can you please help me?
A:  For the most part, I have dealt and still deal with amazing intelligent people when buying items from collectors or relatives. The ones I love are no bullshit and straight to the point people! They either straight up give me a price or I offer a price and we come to some middle road with a concluded deal. The transaction is flawless. They are pleased to have the item up on the website in order to share the history of the item with others and with credit to them. Here are the few exceptions. After recently dealing with a few yahoos, last of which putzed around for 9 days and then changed their minds at the very last second, I have now changed the way I work. My time is no longer free. If I am interested in your item and you are selling the item, then please do not waste my time to say after we have agreed on a price and I have done the research that you have changed your mind. Please decide before you email me if you are really selling your item. If I am not buying your item and you need simple research from me to authenticate your item, then it will cost you for my time. I'm sure you do not work for free either. I always give fair value to what an item is really worth, but some people out there are just plain greedy and think they have gold after watching a documentary on Al Capone. The latest example was a woman with a signed Sonny Capone menu from his restaurant. I kindly asked her what she wanted for it when she emailed me telling me she was selling it. Instead she told me to make an offer. I did and then she said she wasn't selling it with no counter offer! Really? She must have gotten Al Capone mixed with Sonny Capone because the reality is that a Sonny Capone signature is NOT worth the same as Al Capone's signature. For those of you like that, please stay away! You can put your item on Ebay and see what it really fetches for you or you can find an auction house that will gouge you with listing, promotional, and premium fees so far up the wazoo that it will eat away at the final bid of your item. Then you will realize which route you should have went. The positive purpose of selling to someone like me is that the item will be given a fair value. Item will be researched and shown for everyone to see here with credit to the person who owned it or sold it to me. Thank-you for you comprehension!

Q: How come the Capone personal photos on your site are small and have watermarks in them?
A: Trust me! I know how that totally sucks and it hurts me to do it, but these are my following reasons; I had first placed them on the site without watermarks for everyone to enjoy this up close and personal view of history. I had thought that most folks out there were honest (WHAT WAS I THINKING!?) but I have since found three instances in which some unscrupulous people that have taken my photos without asking or even crediting my site and have placed them on their site. If you see any of the Capone personal family photos from this site on another without credit to me or this site then you can be rest assured that they were taken without my permission.

Q: I saw on Ebay and in the news the selling of Al Capone's hair DNA. Is it legit?
A: I contacted one who was selling it (his hair) on Ebay and another DNA company selling it for $399 on the net. The person on Ebay told me it's meager provenance about it belonging to Al Capone's supposed personal barber at the Lexington Hotel in Chicago named Antonio Perconti. I have researched this name and it's variations to death and have found no one with that name existed in Chicago at that time. I also contacted the company and the lab who did the DNA to inquire about this. I had asked the company selling it for $399 about further provenance and they gave me no response. I then emailed the technical manager at the DNA lab that signed the papers stating this was indeed Al Capone's hair shaft. I asked the following question; With what authentic Capone item or Capone relative did he do his DNA comparisons to state that this was hair coming from Al Capone ??? Never got a reply. I think with sketchy details / non responses like that, one should just save their $$ and stay away. My two cents!

Q: I think I'm related to Al Capone can you help me out?
A: Sorry, I'm not a genealogist and nor would I have the time. Just because your name is Capone that does not mean you are related to Al Capone. If you are related, you will have proof such as family records, DNA etc...
Case in point, one person emailed my Northsider expert friend claiming they were related to George "Bugs" Moran and that they had the family name and Irish ancestry to prove it!
Guess what? George Moran was an alias. His real name was Adelard Cunin and he was from Minnesota born to a French European dad and a Canadian mother.
Not Irish or a Moran at all!

Q: I have a school project on Capone can you help me out?
A: That's something I used to enjoy doing although time constraints have made me stop. I also got a heads up from a teacher looking down on me helping her students, which made me change my mind about helping with future school projects. She wants them to head down to their local libary and crack the books. Guess you now have to work for the fruits of your labor!  

Q: Can you give me some of your stuff?
A: No, I can't. If I did, there would be nothing left to show here! In reality, this stuff doesn't really belong to anyone. The logic is that I am simply a caretaker of these items for the present moment. After my death, these things will move on elsewhere or to other collectors.

Q: Can you make me a copy of the Capone family photos?
A: No. The reason being is copies will be made on Ebay ad nauseum.
If you really desperately want Capone family photos then open your wallet real wide and you can have a chance to buy them at a private auction, through a Capone relative or even on Ebay as was recently the case just like I do.

Q: Can you sell me some items from your collection?
A: I don't sell stuff. If I part with an item, it usually ends up on Ebay or I sell it to a friend whose into this stuff and cares about it.

Q: Can I use photos from your website and link your site?
A: I appreciate when someone asks me first. I've noticed a few who took things and link without asking. I see stuff end up here and there and even in the wildest places imaginable. (Selling junk, depravity, crime etc..). Some of this stuff I would never associate myself with, even if I were dead. Some even post them up on their "gangbanger" facebook page. While the subject of Al Capone and the Chicago's roaring twenties was a fascinating period, it should not be used as a basis to praise criminals in any way, today or past. It's simply history that can be enjoyed without being repeated.

Q: I've noticed a mistake on your site. Can you correct it?
A: I put up alot of stuff, but I also receive help from lots of people here (authors, researchers) and you great people out there (Thank-you!). That's why this site is great! We try to bring you the most accurate info out there, culminated from all the books, documents, sources, files, family etc.. There are bound to be mistakes ex: locations etc.. I will gladly take your corrections and personally mull them over and then have my expert assistants check on it, and if it's correct, you can bet for sure that the mistaken entry will be rectified.

Q: How come you don't have a bio on this gangster? He's my favorite.
A: Bios work only if I have info and photos to work with. I prefer personal stuff usually supplied by relatives. An another thing is time. This is my hobby and I can only consecrate a certain amount of time to it.

Q: Why don't you write a book on Capone?
A: Most authors are douchebags. They research for a minimal time then think they are "experts". They take things without crediting and sometimes run with erroneous info as gospel. Sometimes they just to try and outrank the last Capone bio at any cost even if they have to make up stuff! I've dealt with a few clowns like that over my 30 years at this. I've said to myself many times that if I have to act like this to get a book, out then forget that man! I'll leave it to the clown seeking media darlings! I love this hobby and if I wrote a book I would probably start hating this hobby. Making a picture book simply to get my name on a cover does not interest me either!

Q: What are your sources and bibliography for your sites content?
A: I do my uptmost to rely on only the best and accurate info of all possible sources.
Old Chicago newspapers and clippings, top notch Chicago historians, authors and crimebuffs who help sift the truth from the many documents, FBI files,1930 crime magazines of the day, reputed Capone bios, documents, Police files, and most importantly of all, knowledgeable gangster family members and relatives. They help give a full dimension of their famous relatives. I also want to point out that I hold an immense respect  for, and I'm very thankful to, the many contributors to this site. They contribute their time, photos and info to help make this site as great as it is.

Q: You have many grammar mistakes on your site. Don't you use an editor?
A: Ah yes! I got two emails from jolly old England about how horrible my grammar was. I'm sure I could find something I don't like about those two persons that emailed too, but why waste the effort? Don't we all wish the world was perfect in every way! I work alone and do my best to catch most of my mistakes. I am not a writer or an english scholar. I do this for free and cannot pay an editor to clean my garbled jargon and scribblings. I'm a linguistic mutt and sometimes mix my French English, Italian and Portuguese. I decided from the get go that I would present this site without any flashiness and include all the warts. (Grammar mistakes and all). To those whom it irritates, I sincerely apologize. I'm sure there's some Shakespearean sites out there for you to visit and indulge in. I think that all in all, the site is at least readable and understandable to most.

Q: Your site layout sucks or you suck! etc...
A: A guy posted this on my guest book. Also others who try to post profanities or insults towards me or my site. All I have to say is you must have no social standing in life and must sport really small testicles to post something like that. Especially when do not leave your name and your email address? So put your money where your dirty mouth is! Go and make your own Capone site and try to impress me! As far as the layout, many compliment that it is easy to navigate. I once had a flashy version of this site, but it proved to be too problematic to run with all the different devices used today to surf the net. I use a simple layout that can be seen on most all devices and used by any computer newbie.

Various Capone Related Questions

Q: Where is Sonny Capone? is he still alive?
A: Albert Francis Capone passed away on July 8, 2004.

Q: Where's his family?
A: I'm sorry, but I do not divulge anyone's personal info.

Q: Do you know or have met actual Capone relatives? How was the experience?

A: Yes, I have met and communicated with a few. Al's granddaughters and Mafalda's granddaughter are the most reliable of all the relatives I have come to know. The reality of Al's relatives was at first a total surprise to me. I had thought they would have known more than I but no. I was impressed with Mafalda's granddaughter's truthfulness. Her total honesty was kind of a revelation to me. When I first asked about what she knew about Al Capone she answered that "Al Capone" was the one subject that was strictly forbidden to be discussed around the family household.
In my opinion, anyone who states different is a liar and is making stuff up just based on their bloodline. Let's face it, mob business was never to be discussed with the wife and kids. Real bonafide gangsters just did not do that!

Q: I'm a Capone relative can you please put this info I have up on your site for me?
A: Even if you are a proven Capone relative through DNA, if your info is not verified, I will NOT put it up on the site. I work strictly on facts through records and dates. Just because you are related does not mean you cannot be mistaken. My motto is "When in doubt, leave it out!"

Q: Can you give me any Capone relative's phone number?
A:  No, Many of these relatives have lives and do not wish to be bothered about this stuff. I must respect their privacy and so should you. Surprisingly, most do not have more info than you will find here anyway.

 Q: Can you tell me about Sonny's children? Why don't you have info about him or them on your site.
A: I will not divulge any info relating to his children. Albert Francis was a great man who treated everyone with respect, whether you were rich or poor. He immensely loved his dad, mom, family and that's as far as I will ever say on here. He was very private and never spoke about his family to others and neither will I. I have immense respect for his memory and his family. Also, important to note : He isn't relevant to Chicago gangsters, which is what this site is really about.

Q: Is it true that Al once was a boxer's manager?
A: Yes it's true! During his early years in Chicago (1923-1924) Al once managed a boxer by the name of Mike Dundee, real name Mike Posateri. It was not uncommon for gangsters, or the underworld to dabble in sports. Johnny Torrio was known as a sportsman back in New York. He had organised many boxing and wrestling matches before settling in Chicago. He also magaged a few in Chicago. Big Jim Colosimo also had dabbled in managing and financially backing boxers. Many gangsters had also been boxers before joining a gang. (Jack McGurn, Spike O'Donnell, Edward Tancl, Theodore Anton etc..).

Mike Dundee (Mike Posateri), the Rock Island featherweight, once had Al Capone as his manager.
(Newspaper photo supplied by Mr. Bryan Lloyd)

Q: Is it true that Al Capone once shot himself in the groin area?
A: Yes indeed! September 15,1928, Al Capone shoots himself after playing a game of golf with Johnny Patton, named the boy Mayor of Burnham. Capone was either getting in or out of the car when his .45 discharged in his right pant pocket, thus creating a bullet wound to both legs and groin. Al was taken to St .Margaret's Hospital in Hammond, Indiana. Al registered at the hospital under the name of Geary. Al's entourage occupied five rooms at the hospital. On guard was Louis"Little New York" Campagna.

St. Margaret's Hospital where Al Capone went to get his groin repaired after shooting himself accidently.
(Mario Gomes collection).

Q: Did Al Capone ever go back to Chicago after his release from prison? I heard he couldn't because he was banned and wasn't allowed back for risk of being arrested and was followed by the FBI if he did.
A: Another perpetuated myth. While he still owed the back taxes in which he was found guilty of, he had paid his debt to society (prison time) for the income tax charges. The FBI had no jurisdiction on Al Capone concerning the income tax trial outcome or any outstanding warrants. This document below shows Al had no outstanding charges against him in Chicago after his release from prison and was free to go to Chicago for family visits.

(FBI files on Al Capone)

 Al Capone's family had paid all the required fines for his release from prison and he was free to come and go where he pleased. The only set back was his illness which sometimes made him tired. Al took a few secret trips to Wisconsin, New Jersey (for a wedding) and Chicago (to see his mom and sister) after his release from prison. The family made believe Al was gravely ill and confined at 93 Palm Island. They wanted people to believe that he was more sick than he actually was so that authorities and the press would stop harrassing him. His doctors wanted him to rest in order to get his nervous condition under control so that he could enjoy a somewhat normal life as possible.

Chicago Tribune May 31, 1940.

Top: Chicago Tribune Sept. and Oct. 1940.
Bottom: Chicago Tribune June 1946.

Q: Did Al speak Italian?
A: Yes he did! Spoke to his mom in Italian.

Q: Where did Al Capone's family originate from?
A: Although I have the answer, I wish to stay away from the genealogy part. To me, it's irrelevant to my site and to Al's becoming a gangster, or the history of Chicago beer wars in general. Al's parents were hardworking people.
Here's a hint. If you really want to know about Al's families origins, then you can read about the same town in author Mars Eghigian's excellent book on Frank Nitti. Both families orginated from there.

Q: Where is Ralph Capone  (Al's brother) buried?
A: Ralph Capone's ashes have been recently interred with the rest of the Capone family in Mount Carmel cemetary.

Q: How come there isn't more indepth info on the ones who took down Capone?
I think I covered most of the trial without getting too technical. As for those who took down Capone there is a reason why this site is called the Myalcaponemuseum, not the IRS museum. This site is about Al Capone, not his persuers.

Q: What is THE BEST books I can read on Al Capone?
A:  These three books pretty much paint the complete picture of Al Capone and they are;
1) Al Capone: The biography of a self-made man by Fred D. Pasley. (Written with Al's permission).
2) Capone: The life and world of Al Capone by John Kobler
3) Mr. Capone by Robert J. Schoenberg.

Amazon has a a great selection. One important thing to note. Do not base your decision entirely on reviews posted on Amazon. Some of the reviewers are flakey at best. I have seen first hand how some authors manipulate the reviews by having honest negative reviews removed leaving nothing but sweet smelling positive reviews posted by friends and on the same token, some reviewers bash a book merely because they have no social standing in life.
Always make an informed decision. Also remember that liking something is really a personal choice.
My positive reviews are based on
1) How good the research is.
2) How accurate the info.
3) What new info it contributes to my knowledge base.
4) Photos
5) Was it fun to read?