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Louise Rolfe
"The Blonde Alibi"

Louise May Rolfe, Louise M. Boex ,Louise May Nash.

Born in Illinois on May 7,1906.Her father was named Bernard Rolfe and her Mother was Mable Clark.

She had always dreamed of becoming a starlet and aspired to becoming one along with her husband Harold A.Boex. This commonality for stardom brought them together.The high schoolers had eloped in September of 1922 and they were  married at Waukegan,Illinois. Her schooling days had been mentioned as being in Indianapolis. During a interview in 1929 by detectives on the alibi of McGurn,
Louise mentions that she had attended Swift Grammar school and Senn High, but never finished at Senn due to the importance of finishing her modeling degree.
Louise got in some theatrical work as Lou Louise and was slowly getting noticed in show business.Unfortunately,her husband Harold didn't have any such luck and the marriage began to crumble. Louise had claimed that the marriage handicapped her chances of obtaining this theatre work and that even some producers claimed a divorce was in order for her to succeed.
After bearing him a child ,whom they named Berneda after a theatre star,she filed for a divorce in 1926.

Louise Rolfe in 1918.

Louise was notoriously known as a bad driver.
Her first accident behind the wheel happened when she was only 15 years old.She was living at 5925 Magnolia avenue at the time.
On March 27,1921, Louise Rolfe is driving a heavy limousine and speeding in Thorndale when her vehicle struck the car of Mr. Philo L.Crawford.
The force of the collison was so great that Crawford's auto did a 360 degree spin and smashed into Attorney general E.J.Brundage's auto which was headed South on Winthrop avenue. Crawford and lawyer Frank A.Lasley, were pinned under Crawford's auto. Some of the injured were taken to Chicago Union hospital and others to Lake View hospital.Louise and her party of 3 are uninjured, but shaken.
On March 29,1921 Frank Lasley died from his wounds at Lakeview hospital.

On July 14,1921, E.J.Brundage, who along with his sister injured in the crash sues Louise Rolfe,Bernard Rolfe and Philo Crawford for $15,000.

Louise Rolfe "Lou Louise" in 1920 actress photo.

Louise Rolfe as Lou Louise circa 1925, appearing at the Capone gang's Montmartre Cafe.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Jack McGurn and Louise Rolfe married and at the beach.

In a second collision on October 4,1936, a car she was in had collided with another vehicle at Pulaski and 55th street. Vincent Zamiara 53 years old,was fatally injured and died a week later.His wife Cecilia aged 48, was also critically injured.
6 others recived minor injuries.In the car with Louise was three other women.
Police located her under the name of Miss Louise De Vitto living at 1234 North Kenilworth in Oak Park.
This proved to be Louise Rolfe. She was immediately identified by the dead man's son in law who was in the car.Her lawyer made appeals to settle.
Police detain her overnight for defaulting on a $1,000 bond.

Louise during a visit at the police station. She was questioned on the Valentine's day massacre.

Louise Rolfe and Jack McGurn shortly after they were married in 1931.

On October 9,1936, she is charged with manslaughter and held on a $10,000 bond. Louise keeps protesting it was another woman by the name of Mildred McGarry who was driving..
Depsite her lawyer's recommendation to keep mum Louise protests that she was not the driver at the time of the accident.
On October 10th,her $10,000 bond is furnished and Louise is released from custody.On December 4,1936, Louise Rolfe is freed of manslaughter charges after a woman by the name of Mildred McGarry, 20 years old of Jacksonville,Illinois admits to being the real driver behind the wheel.She too is freed of reckless driving.

Jack McGurn and Louise Rolfe in court.

May 28,1938 Louise marries Arthur Wiebrecht.She leaves him on July 5,1940 Arthur had been hounding Louise to stop her habitual drinking.

March 3,1943, Louise Rolfe Wiebrecht is arrested in Albany in company of an army deserter Harry Bernard of Brooklyn,New York. Bernard is 25 years old and Louise is 34. Louise's husband (Wiebrecht) is in the army at the time of her arrest.
On October 23,1945, a judge grants a divorce to Arthur Wiebrecht from Louise Rolfe Wiebrecht on the grounds of desertion.

Portrait of Louise
(Courtesy of Warde and Nancy Miller)

 In 1949 she married George Jawny, a bartender.Not long after she left him. She had been involved with a Richard King, a frate handler, this was at the time she was seeing Jawny. On November 25,1951 Louise shows up at the Town hall police sporting a swollen and a battered face to place a complaint against King, whom she had lived with since April. King claims he gave Rolfe money for the groceries,light bill and rent.When he came home he found that she was at the nearby CC tavern at 4807 Sheridan rd. drinking the $60 dollars he had given her to pay the bills.He claims she struck first to which he retorted "I flattened her".
On November 28,1951, King got 60 days in Bridewell for hitting Louise Rolfe. During the court hearing Louise claimed King came thru her apartment window at 823 Lakeside place to beat her.The tavern bartender, who was a witness claimed that Louise drunkenly missed the seat she was offered and crumpled face first to the floor.King had been apparently drinking with her.The stories did not jive.Louise had claimed King was a roomer, while King claimed they lived as man and wife.

Louise no longer figured in the news after this incident. She suddenly resurfaces In 1986 when she is contacted to appear in a new documentary in which Geraldo Rivera is going to open Al Capone's Lexington vault live on national television.

Geraldo and Louise Rolfe

Elderly, yet still oozing sex appeal, Louise still defiantly retorts to Geraldo's questions that Jack McGurn did not take part in the St.Valentine's day massacre.You can tell in her eyes how much she loved her Jack.She once stated "When your with Jack, you're never bored."

During the broadcast of the show, a certain Bob Nash is watching the t.v. when his eyes suddenly light up! He recognizes Louise Rolfe as being one of his ex-wives!!

He calls the producers asking for Louise's contact info.They refuse,but tell him they can give his info to her. Louise hooks up again with Bob.They re-marry. Bob is at his tenth marriage ,while Louise is now at her eighth.Before she agrees to marry Bob again, she makes sure he will take care of her.
Nancy and Warde Miller, who are longtime friends of Bob attend the wedding ceremony as witnesses.

Bob Nash and Louise Rolfe

The two couples hit it off and will enjoy many years of companionship.Both are social drinkers and are not adverse to tying one on.
Louise is a fun person to be around with. She can regale people with stories and so can Bob.Together they are a almanac of past stories and adventures.
Louise loves to drink and eat fine foods. Her favorite drink is the Daiquiri and her favorite food is lobster.Her favored brand of cigarettes are Pall Mall.

Louise relaxing.

Once Nancy Miller was having supper, of which, that evening consisted of soup and salad.When Louise heard that she exclaimed; Supper? Soup?Salad? Hell!That ain't supper!!

Louise and her man Bob.

During one of their many evening socials/drinking conversations, Louise was asked about the massacre.She claimed to the very end that Jack was not in the Northside garage on February 14,1929. He may have had a hand in the planning, but Jack did not kill those men.

Bob and Louise Xmas 1987

Asked why she didn't write a book about the past and her life Louise exclaimed that she didn't want anything to happen to her (retribution). After all, Capone had a son who was still around.
This showed just how much the Capone name still intimidated people. Nancy snapped back "Bullshit"!!  She was right, Louise really had nothing to fear,but the past gangster days had left an indellible mark on Louise.She had seen first hand what could happen to people who crossed the mob.

Bob and Louise both hate the fact that they are getting older and that their bodies cannot function as they used to.
They both refuse to fall into the senior state avoiding medications of any sort.

Bob and Louise March 1993

Louise's husband Bob passes away in 1994. Louise is once again alone.She becomes more and more dependant on her friends Nancy and Warde to the point of being possessive.
Louise passes away on February 21,1995 at age 88 in Sonoma,Calfornia.She no longer has family, as her only daughter Berneda passes years earlier from cancer.
Her remains are cremated.

Good friends having xmas dinner; Nancy Miller,Bob Nash, Louise Rolfe and Warde Miller.

Special thanks to my friends Nancy and Warde Miller, whom without this page would not be possible.This page ,which helps keep the past alive, is dedicated to a true gangster moll and straight shooting lady.

 Louise Rolfe
Rest in Peace Doll!

First Posted February 2008