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Hymie Weiss

Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski  "Hymie The Pole", Earl J. Weiss
Hymie "the Polack", Perfume burglar, also went under the alias of Oscar Nelson.

Born January 25,1898, Son of Walenty S. Wojciechowski known as "William Weiss" and Mary Bruszkiewicz known as "Mary Weiss"
Earl was the brother of Bernard (Bruno), Frederick J. and Violet. Earl had two other siblings, one whom died during infancy (still to be confirmed) and another, the elder of the brothers named Joseph. He was a saloon keeper that passed away in his late 20's. His parents seperate while he and his siblings are still young.

 Earl Weiss begins his career as an auto pirate. May 1919, after two stolen cars are found at 128 North Cicero, Weiss is caught along with James Fleming and Alfred Marlowe arriving in a third stolen car. At 317 North Avers, police come across the bandits possessions.They find tools to dismantle car chassis, license plates and car parts galore.

Earl J.Weiss's war draft registration card. Earl decided to fudge a year on his registration, but couldn't get in on any of the war action because of his double rupture listed in the medical section.
His brother, Fred whom he never got along with, always nagged him about his non service to his country.
Note that Earl was born on the 25th of January. Quite a coincedence that Al Capone, his top rival, died on January 25 in 1947.

Earl was an enigma in personality. People whom he liked told stories of his kindness. Others who disliked his personality shuddered in fear by his very 5' 7" presence. He was compared to a human time bomb that could go off at the slightest provocation.
E. Barnett, who was a truck driver for the Northside gang once recalled in the 1980's that Earl Weiss was less friendly than Dean O'Banion. Perhaps it was his *illness that made him less friendly.

*{ Earl was having severe migraines and would often lay upstairs of Schofield's on a sofa they had specifically installed for him in Dean's office. He would sometimes be there in total darkness and remain inmmobile for hours. One time, a Northside truck driver told of Weiss having a fit on the floor because the pain in his head was so bad. He had arterial cancer and found himself often going to the hospital for treatment for the severe headaches and frequent fainting spells}.

 For his kindness, there's the time that a poor family couldn't pay their food bill at the local grocer. Earl would go settle up his parents food bill and also take care of the bill for the struggling neighbours. He would tell the grocer to keep it hush, hush.
Once while staying at a gangster buddies home overnight, Earl heard noise in the kitchen and saw his buddies' little child still up and trying to get at a cookie from the cookie jar. Earl simply laughed and held up the child in order to aid him in getting his prize treat. His many friend's at St. Malachy's school, who never forgot their classmate, so much so, that a couple of them were his honorary pallbearers.

For his bad side, Earl was so hotheaded that on the evening of June 24,1920, his brother Fred Weiss, who had just returned from France after his military service, felt Earl's wrath first hand.That evening, he made a comment to Earl about him not serving his country. Earl whipped out his gun and shot his 24 year old brother. Earl's family tried to cover up the incident ,even Fred pleaded the doctor at the Washington Boulevard Hospital not to tell the police. All claimed it was an accident. Hymie later picked up by police said that the gun was under a pillow and somehow discharged accidentally. Something was fishy. The pillow nor bedding showed no bloodstains. There had been speculation that Fred may have been shot by Earl's rivals because of his resemblance to his brother. The truth came out after Earl's death, Fred finally admitted that Earl did in fact shoot him over Fred's military comment .

Hymie's brother

Earl starts hanging around with local hoodlums. They are in the basement  playing around with a gun the gang picked up. Bob Koznecki recalls his grandfather, who was Earl's first cousin going into the basement partaking in the drinking and conversation. Frank may have had an inner desire to join up with Earl's combo. Koznecki's grandfather who, ressembled Weiss, was also a semi pro boxer. Grandpa Frank started ribbing Earl and a fight ensued with Earl shoving Frank. Frank quickly swung a punch knocking out Earl to the floor.
Earl slowly got up and stared at Frank hissing, "I know you're my relative, but if you ever hit me again, I swear that I will kill you!!!"
Frank does not doubt his cousin's remarks.

Frank's mother talks with Earl's parents and after cooler heads prevail, Earl decides to let things rest for the family's sake. Frank's mother warns him from ever associating with Earl and his "Friends" whom she knows are gangsters. She also tells Earl's parents that she does not want Frank over to visit Earl. She fears Frank joining his gang. Mary Weiss talks to her son Earl and tells him not to bother with Frank and to not ever indoctrinate him into gangdom.

Earl Weiss gravitates to bigger crimes and hooks up with Dean O'Banion, along with Chares "The Ox" Reiser, to try their hand at safeblowing. O'Banion considers it a thrill seeking hobby and is always willing to learn a new trade. All three, along with George Moran (under one of his various aliases Morrissey), are caught trying to blow up a safe in 1921.The charges are later dismissed. By this time, Earl has the earned the knickname "The perfume burglar", after accidently knocking over some perfume bottles during a robbery that left him smelling of the fancy french stuff.

Out to get Torrio! Hymie standing on an authentic piece of mausoleum ceiling marble from his crypt.

Here are some of Weiss' criminal indiscretions;
October 20,1922 Earl Weiss and George Nolan (Moran) are chased by policeman Fred Tosch and arrested on jewelry holdups.
January 20,1924 Weiss is implicated with O'Banion for the Lasalle Theater shooting of bootlegger Davey Miller. O'Banion shoots Miller for snubbing O'Banion pal Yankee Schwartz. All charges are later dismissed and Miller survives.
Often arrested, Weiss gets caught hijacking booze with O'Banion and Dapper Dan McCarthy (January 24,1924 at Indiana avenue and 21st street )

Weiss partner in crime "Dapper" Daniel McCarthy.
(Mario Gomes collection)

He cannot appear in federal court because at this time he gets his appendix removed and obtains a doctor's note stating that he won't live for 5 months, yet police arrest him in a car at Congress and Maplewood ave. He is with two others (Arthur Barrett ,Ernest Applequist) and is caught carrying a loaded .45 colt automatic, along with a sheriff's badge.

Weiss is also arrested for voting fraud in which waves a gun and bogus ballots are stuffed for their preferred candidate. During a raid at his Rienzi hotel suite, he threatens a United States Marshal with a shotgun.

Two shots of Earl "Hymie" Weiss
One shot dressed to the nines and the other shot relaxing with friends.
(First shot from X Marks the Spot. Second shot from the Mario Gomes collection via the kindness of Sheree Blackwelder).

Earl's star really shines as one of a Northside Capone rival. Many historians claim Earl Weiss is supposedly to have invented the term "Let's take him for a one way ride" in which an opponent was lured into the front seat of a car driven to the outskirts, and shot behind the head and dumped by the side of the road.The first victim's name was Steve"Big Steve" Wisniewski, a fellow bootlegger hijacker who also encroached on the O'Banion's booze territory one too many. (This act was later purported to Terry Druggan, who was probably the real culprit in Wisniewski's death.) Also no proof of Weiss muttering those words "Take him for a ride", although it makes good copy.

Earl "Hymie" Weiss framed photos, bio and signature.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Often branded as a hothead, it was Weiss who oftened urged Dean O'Banion to cool it with the racial slurs towards the other rival Italian mobs, thus avoiding bigger problems. Earl's death certificate states him being born in Chicago,Illinois. His father is William Weiss from Buffalo,New York. His mother's name is listed unknown from Buffalo New York. His age is listed at about 28, true birth year 1898. He is single, but occaisionally frequents a girlfriend in Montreal,Canada by the name of Josephine"Libby" Simard, whom he met while visiting Montreal on a bootleg deal.

Charles Dean O'Banion. Hymie's pal
(Photo courtesy of

O'Banion and Earl remain good friends and grow to become Al Capone's fiercest opponents, even though Capone's army out number the Northsiders.This not to say that the Northside gang is puny, no far from it. They total in the hundred with affiliates and sympathizers who hate the behemoth (Al's nickname by Northboys) and Italian gangs who spread their whorehouses around town.The Northsiders oppose the Italian run whorehouses because their leaders are staunch churchgoers with their headquarters situated right across the street from The Holy Name Cathedral. It is where Dean O'Banion was once an altar boy. Hymie Weiss also attends church regularly and carries a rosary along with his 1911 Colt Automatic.

Colorized photo of Richard Vogel (one of Edward Vogel's brothers) and Earl J. Weiss circa 1925. Edward Vogel, the Cicero slot king was good friends with Weiss. The Vogels liked Weiss and Edward was once even arrested with Earl at the Rienzi Hotel while buying booze from him for the Vogel family wedding. Edward shows up at Earl's funeral and pays his respects to his good friend. The Vogels would later gravitate towards the Capone gang. In this photo Edward or William Vogel are probably working the camera.  SEE VOGEL
(Mario Gomes collection via the kindness of Sheree Blackwelder).

On August 12,1924, Hymie Weiss will apply for a passport and take a trip to Europe.

Josephine Simard, Hymie's Canadian girlfriend whom he may have met after seeing her in a theatre show. Josephine had run away from her mundane married life in rural Quebec and appeared on stage under a different name in the U.S.

On November 10,1924, Dean O'Banion is slain by Sicilian killers sent in via John Torrio***. Weiss calls Schofield's flower shop to talk to O'Banion. Schofield tells Weiss the bad news that O'Banion has just been killed. Hymie is totally devastated. Upon hearing the news that O'Banion is dead, Weiss walks into the bathroom and sinks to the floor. He remains there in a catatonic state with his arms crossed, staring into space with his back against the bathtub. George Moran, Ralph Moss and his mother Mary Weiss knock on the door to try to get him out. He does not respond. They jimmy open the door and find a still sitting Weiss despondant. Asked if he is okay, he responds "Everything I have is gone".
He finally gets up and tells them the bad news.

His best friend and pal O'Banion is no more. Once he pulls it together, Hymie will go all out to get back to those responsible. He searches for revenge wherever he can find it. It all begins when he finds out that John Torrio put the hit out on O'Banion.

****While Torrio may have had no hand on how the murder plan went down, it is assumed that the Genna clan got the permission from John Torrio once Mike Merlo died. Torrio also okayed the hit because he had an axe to grind with O'Banion. Torrio was fuming after O'Banion had planned his arrest at the Siebens brewery.

Earl J. Weiss

Weiss, Moran and Drucci find Torrio on January 24,1925, coming home from a shopping spree with his wife.They run to Torrio who ducks as Moran and Hymie shoot into Torrio with automatics and a shotgun. He is hit several times, but miraculously lives thanks to Moran's automatic being empty. (He had placed it to his temple,but it clicked empty)!
Drucci honks the horn as they have by now been spotted and it's time to split.

Torrio is terribly shaken and hands everything over to Capone and hightails it out to Italy after serving a year in Jail. Capone is next up with many attempts at his car without him in it.This prompts Al to purchase one of many famous armoured vehicles.

Josephine Simard and Earl Weiss in a photo listed as Hymie Weiss and his bride on their honeymoon. Josephine told everyone her and Weiss had eloped back in Florida. This is erroneous as they were never married according to his Probate Will records. Because of this, Josephine Simard didn't get any of Earl's money, nor did she put up much of a fight for it. The simple reason was that she was already married to another man in Quebec. A fact she convieniently kept quiet about during the Weiss Probate hearing.
Josephine said she never got to meet O'Banion and Earl was killed in 1926, so it's a safe assumption to make that this photo was taken in 1925-26. Probably taken in Florida and where Hymie owned some shares of a boat there called "The Half Moon". This would explain the sailor suit. The boat later sank.
(Photo ICHi-14412 courtesy of Chicago History museum)
Info Mario Gomes.

On April 8,1925, Northsiders Dan McCarthy and Earl Weiss appear in court for the umpteeth time on charges stemming from a booze hijacking affair that occurred back in January 22,1924.
O'Banion had also particpated with his two buddies in the hijacking, but because he was deceased they were left to face the music without him. On the first trial, the jury had found the men not guilty, but on the second trial, Weiss and McCarthy shocked the courtroom by pleading guilty. They had so terrorized the witnesses that they could have well got off again. They were sentenced to six months in the Kane County Jail and fined $1,000. The judge gave them a month to settle their affairs, but McCarthy and Weiss showed up for custody on May 9th. A change of plans was made for their incarceration and they now headed to do their time at the McHenry County Jail at Woodstock, Illinois. Weiss and McCarthy are released from McHenry County Jail in the fall of 1925.

Northsider "Dapper" Dan McCarthy

On May 26,1925,  Southside Sicilian gangster Angelo Genna is riding in his automobile when a touring car is gaining speed on him. Angelo recognizes the occupants and immediately steps on the gas.
A car with Northsiders are on the hunt. Inside it Moran and Drucci are armed to the teeth. They begin firing as Angelo's car careens into a light pole at Hudson and Ogden. For good measure, the Northsiders keep firing over a dozen shots into Angelo defenseless body.

Hotel Rienzi postcard.
(Mario Gomes collection).

In June of 1926, Weiss brazenly petitions the dry agents who had raided his Rienzi hotel suite.They had raided his room for liquor housed there and arrest Frank Foster and Ed Vogel with him. (SEE VOGEL). Over 40 quarts of Champagne, two one gallon canisters of Whiskey and other various amounts of brand name liquors. Weiss was upset that the agents also took his silk shirts and silk socks.This to him had nothing to do with booze. In the raid they also uncover various weapons.

Hotel Rienzi matchbook.
(Mario Gomes collection).

Frank Foster (Citro) and Ed Vogel.
 Both arrested with Weiss at the Rienzi Hotel.

On August 3,1926, the body of Anthony Cuiringione (Tommy Ross) a Torrio /Capone chauffeur is found in a cistern near a forest preserve at 93rd and 100th Avenue in Palos Township. He had been murdered several months before. The Northsiders torture him  by burning him repeatedly with cigarettes to try to get info on Capone. When  they realize he will not divulge any info, they finally club and shoot him to death, later dumping his body in the cistern. He is killed because he did reveal any of the big guy's routine.

 Earl "Hymie" Weiss (Standing at left) with friends and girlfriends at Riverview Park, Chicago 1925-26.
Ralph Moss is sitting in middle. Ralph Moss was a friend and part time accountant for the Northsiders. He was the witness at Dean O'Banion's wedding. SEE O'BANION
(Mario Gomes collection via the kindness of Sheree Blackwelder).

1922 ticket for Riverview park.
(Mario Gomes collection).

Other group of people non related to Weiss who had their photo taken at the same place. Note the Riverview placard instead of the previous "On our way to California". You could choose which placard you wanted for the group shot, but the caboose train photo decor background was pretty much the same. Other photos had automobiles. These photos were printed on postcards so that you could mail them to friends and relatives.
(Mario Gomes collection).

Back of Riverview postcard photo.
(Mario Gomes collection).

On August 10,1926, Drucci and Weiss have a gunfight with Capone men in broad daylight in front of the Standard Oil building, but no one is killed.
Weiss flees the scene while Drucci remains shooting and laughing at his aggressors. Of the Capone crew, only Paul Ricca is arrested under the alias of Paul Valerie (Louis Barko).
Drucci is arrested and claims the rival gangsters were after his huge money roll containing $13,200.
The Standard Oil hit is often thought as two attempts, but in reality was only a one time thing erroneously reported by newspapers on two different dates.

Paul Ricca, identified as Louis Barko in the Chicago Tribune. He was the only Capone gunman injured in the Weiss 1926 machine gun attack on the Hawthorne Hotel.

(Info on Ricca aliases courtesy of Chicago gangland expert and author John J. Binder)

Weiss totally despised Al and the feeling was mutual. It became a game of kill or be killed.
(Mario Gomes collection).

 Hymie plans a on the spot attack against Capone in Cicero September 20,1926, eight car loads of Northsiders drive past Capone's headquarters.They let loose with a first volley of blanks from a machinegun to make any Capone gangsters appear, but none show up as Capone himself is thrown to the ground by his bodyguard Frank Rio.The real shooting begins and about a 1,000 rounds are poured in the Hawthorne Hotel. (Blanks being used were questioned by many historians. You would need a special addition to be able to fire any blanks in a Thomspon. It's more probable that they just shot the thompson machine gun in the air to make the hotel occupants come out).

The Towne, once known as the Hawthorne Inn was the target of Hymie's machinegun caravan. The restaurant part of the hotel was where Capone was dining when the bullets hit. The Hotel later became known as the Western Hotel, The Surburban and finally becoming the Towne Hotel and restuarant.
Last owner was Joey "Doves" Aiuppa. It burnt down in the 1970's. Funny to note that great author Bill Helmer visited the hotel just before it burnt down in the early 70's. The goon looking desk clerk asked Helmer what he wanted. Helmer had asked about the Weiss drive by shooting in 1926 against Capone, to which the desk clerk seriously replied, "I don't know nuttin", "I wasn't dare".

Hawthorne Hotel where the Northsiders let go with a rain of machine gun bullets.
(Photo Courtesy of Mr. John Pappas)

Close up of the Hawthorne restaurant, a couple of years before Weiss and his gunsels raked it with machine gun fire while Capone was eating inside.
(Photo Courtesy of Mr. John Pappas)

A Capone gunsel by the name of Louis Barko ( Ricca), who was one of the gumen shooting it out with Drucci and Weiss in front of the Standard Oil Building, is hit along with an innocent women who received broken glass in her eye. (Capone pays for the hotel damages and woman's medical bills). This hit was retaliation for the Standard Oil Building assassination attempt on Drucci and Weiss by the Capone men. The feud had begun wever since Northside boss Dean O'Banion was killed.

Capone tries his hand at final peace talks inviting Weiss and Drucci for peace at a conference. Capone is not there and represented by Tony Lombardo.Capone phones in. This leads most to believe that Weiss most certainly has the ability to unnerve Capone with the look, so much so, that Capone decides to keep the hell away from him.

Weiss' fierce look really creeped Capone. If he didn't like you, Hymie could be a 'really in your face' type of guy.
Capone, so fears Weiss that he decides to phone in at the peace meeting instead of appearing there face to face.
This June 1,1921 photo shows a real pissed off Weiss handcuffed at a police station.

Weiss would agree to peace talks if Capone would hand over either Ricca, Anselmi, Scalisi or any Southside hood for their possible involvement during a shootout in front of the Standard Oil building. Lombardo phones Capone, but Capone states he wouldn't do that to a yellow dog. Lombardo relates Capone's statement to Weiss. Weiss angrily storms out of the room.
Capone decides that Weiss must die now.  He knows the hotheaded and furious North rival will try again to kill Capone.

Northside Chicago September 1926, one month before the hit on Hymie weiss.

The Hit

After a couple of weeks at a less desirable hit spot, the Capone gunmen finally set up shop at 740 North State st. right next to Schofield's flower shop, Weiss's headquarters and earlier scene of O'Banion's murder. The newly vacated room offers a better view for hitting Weiss, he who always has the habit of parking his car across the street. Other gunmen rent a room at 1 Superior street. Weeks pass and finally on October 11,1926 at 4:00 pm, Weiss and company emerge from a car next to Holy Name Cathedral. As they are about to finish crossing the street, machinegun opens fire and rakes the sidewalks and street next to Schofield's. Hymie is pelted with .45 ACP rounds and shotgun pellets. He drops on the street in front of a pole beside Schofield's and is hit by a total of ten bullets. He is alive and quickly rushed to Henrotin hospital where he dies enroute saying nothing. Patrick Murray, a gangster allied with Weiss is struck by 7 shots and dies where he fell on a sidewalk next to Schofield's. Behind them, Pellar and Jacobs started running back to where they had parked their cars on east side of Superior street. Pellar let out a shot of his .38 and dropped the gun as the shooters from two nests (740 North State and 1 West Superior st.) focus their guns on Pellar and Jacobs hitting the Holy Name corner stone inscription. W.W. O'Brien had alighted from a street car at the corner of North state and east Superior. Jacobs, Pellar and O'Brien were all wounded, but survived.  O'Brien was hit in the arm, side and abdomen and still standing ran to a basement stairway before making it to a doctor's office at 748 North State. Pellar was hit in the abdomen and Jacobs in the right foot. Both made it to a doctor's office at 720 Cass street. The thompson machine gun jams on the 39th bullet which is lodged in the barrel. The killers escape through the back way and toss the thompson in a back yard on top of a roof.

Picture diagram showing rooming house gunfire towards Holy Name Cathedral.
(X marks the spot)

Map explaining hit.
(X marks the spot)

A view of Holy Name Cathedral seen from W. Superior st.
This photo was taken in June 1926, less than four months before Weiss was killed here.
(Mario Gomes collection)

1 West Superior st. viewed from the corner of Holy Name Cathedral.
Another Capone gang gun nest occupied probably by Sam "Golfbag" Hunt. A golf bag containing a shotgun was found in this room. Capone gang hits were made to be efficient.
(X marks the spot)

This would be the view looking out the windows from the above photo.
(Photo courtesy of Mark Kennedy)

East Superior looking West towards North State street. Holy Name Cathedral is on the right. Weiss's Lincoln was parked near the traffic light.
(Photo courtesy of Mark Kennedy)

Looking South East toward Superior and N. State street. This was a view the hitmen had next to Schofield's. They sweeped the this whole view with machine gun and shotgun fire. Weiss and Murray had already crossed the street and was approaching the sidewalk near Schofield's when the gun nest next door opened up, as did one on 1 W. Superior. Murray was instantly killed and Weiss died enroute to the Henrotin Hospital. Weiss fell at the bottom right of this photo. It was later learned that there was a third nest on east side of Superior street, thus showing the efficiency of the Capone hit team.
(Photo courtesy of Mark Kennedy, info Mario Gomes)

Arrow shows where Pellar, Weiss and Jacobs left their parked automobile and started making their way to cross State street when all hell broke loose. Gunners across the street waited to get the maximum persons in their kill view. Murray was already across the street by this time. When the gunshots rang out Pellar instinctively pulled out his .38 and fired. ****The bullet hit Weiss. This may have been accidental if Pellar was trying to return fire or maybe Pellar might have thought he was being double crossed by Weiss, this from just having recently joined the Northsiders. A .38 caliber bullet was supposedly found in Weiss' body with other .45 caliber bullets and shot gun pellets. Circle with red X shows where Weiss fell. He died enroute to Hospital.

**** A witness named Charles McKibben testified during the coroner's inquest that he saw Pellar point his .38 at Weiss and shot him. Authorities eventually downplayed McKibben's testimony.
(Chicago Tribune October 13,1926).

Commissioner John Stege observing golfbag containing shotgun and shells found in a room at 1 West superior street. This is where the second gun nest was located a week later. This second gun nest was never served it's purpose and was used in case first gun nest failed to hit their targets.   

Samuel "Golfbag" Hunt
Capone gangster who always carried his shotgun in a golfbag even when golfing. He may have very well been one of the participants in Weiss hit.

Room inside 740 North State street. It was from here that the Thompson machine gun with a hundred round drum magazine was fired at Weiss and party.
(Chicago Tribune October 12,1926).

Right after the hit, police trying to cordon off the scene around Patrick "Paddy" Murray. Police place Murray's cap over his face to conceal his open eyes and bloodied face. Earl J. Weiss, who fell face first on the sidewalk in front of Holy Name was immediately transported to Henrotin hospital where he died enroute.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Patrick J. "Paddy" Murray was killed with Weiss and is seen lying on the sidewalk in above photo. Murray was no stranger to danger, In 1911, he was shot point blank in the mouth and survived. Murray is often confused with being related to mail robber James "Jimmy" Murray. The only connection they have was marrying women who were sisters and having both the same last name.
(Mario Gomes collection)

This photo was erroneously repeated adnauseum through the years by many so called experts as being Hymie Weiss. Weiss was already enroute to hospital when this photo of Patrick Murray was taken.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Note the ornate rails as reference.

Here are the same ornate railings. Next photo shows where Patrick Murray fell dead.

Patrick Murray fell to bullets at approximately 742 North State street to the right of Schofield's when facing the street from Holy Name Cathedral.

  View of scene after Weiss shooting. Diagram shows where shots were coming at Weiss from 740 North State street.
Going towards the left in this photo you can see Schofield's, phonograph store, rooming house. At the far upper left you can see 1 West Superior St. where another gun nest was in wait.
(From "The Gang Wars of Chicago and the rise of the Super Chiefs" by Captain Tom Boynton).
(Mario Gomes collection)

Same view today of above photo.
(Mario Gomes)

North State street circa 1933. Schofield's flower shop sign can be seen at left. This can give you an idea of the angle of fire for the hit upon Weiss.
The gun nest was situated in the building (North) right next to Schofield's.
(Mario Gomes collection)

What's left of Schofield's Flower shop circa mid 1950's. Note the only other building left standing beside is where a gun nest was situated at the second floor window to kill Hymie Weiss and Patrick Murray. They both instantly fell, Murray, on the sidewalk and Weiss in front of  Holy Name Cathedral. All the other businesses, such as the Lunch counter, the old phonograph company, rooming house at the left, and rooming houses on the right were all knocked down.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Holy Name Cathedral cornerstone October 14, 1926. The Chicago Daily newspaper held by the paper boy has the headline of "Seek Al Capone in Killing". Damage to the cornerstone was greatly exaggerated in the press. Only the top of inscription was damaged and four bullets hit around the A.D. 1874 engraving. The rest of the inscription (bottom and sides) were already in this damaged state before the October 11, 1926 hit. See next photo.
(Mario Gomes collection)

This June 19,1926, photo (nearly 4 months before Weiss hit) shows the inscription was already in bad shape and held together with some cement compound. The photo was taken for the popular Holy Eucharistic event held that summer.
(Mario Gomes collection)

October 14,1926. Here is a close up of the bullets that hit the corner stone. The lead bullets were removed and the gaping holes were later plugged up with a cement compound.

September 15, 2004. You can still make out where the bullet holes struck.

    Holy Name Cathedral cornerstone several months after the hit . The big loosened chunk was by then removed and top bullet holes plugged up. It would take a couple of years before they covered the whole damage with stairs right up to the cross. This was done to dissuade curosity seekers.
(Mario Gomes collection)

This 1939 photo shows that the non bullet damage was still there and the big loose inscription piece was removed.
(Mario Gomes collection)

The machine gun damage and what was left of Philippians 2:9-11 was cleverly covered up by the granite stairs later added by the church officials. They were embarrassed whenever big Holy events where held at the Cathedral and if prominent leaders that attended might come accross the damage. Even today officials are annoyed with gangster buffs and tour buses stopping to view where O'Banion was murdered in 1924 and where the infamous 1926 Weiss hit took place.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Gun that killed Weiss. A Thompson Colt 1921 A model with a hundred round drum.
The the improperly wound drum was more than half full when the gun jammed (approximately 39 rounds were fired). The whole hundred rounds wasn't really needed, as the killers nonetheless managed to kill their intended targets and wound a few of the Weiss entourage with their expert markmanship.
The gun was tossed onto a doghouse roof in an alley. The serial numbers had been filed or ground off, but ballistics expert Calvin Goddard managed to raise the serial numbers with acid and revealed the numbers 4656.
This gun was sold by Von Longerke sporting goods to hardware store dealer Alex John Korecek.
(Chicago Tribune October 12,1926).

Alex Korecek, hardware dealer who also sold guns on the side. He was believed as supplier of weapon used to kill McSwiggin and friends. Koreck was also guilty of buying Thompson submachine guns from Von Lengerke and Antoine, one of which (Serial number 4656) that was used to kill Hymie Weiss and Patrick Murray in front of Holy Name Cathedral. Korecek was terrified gangsters would kill him if he talked.

The gun may still be in existance, although there was a story in the tribune (August 23,1938), which stated that the Weiss gun had been melted down along with others to make hero medals.

Hymie Weiss display. Photos and .45 slug fired by Calvin Goddard through Thompson machinegun that killed Weiss.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Close up of slug fired through Weiss murder weapon.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Under side of Weiss test bullet with markings T3 or T33
(Mario Gomes collection)

Weapons,suspects and victims list with mention of Goddard having gun and bullets.
(Mario Gomes collection)

{The Headlines}

Hymie Weiss killed Chicago Tribune Oct.12,1926
 (Mario Gomes collection).

Back page photos of Chicago Tribune story on Weiss.
 (Mario Gomes collection).

Chicago American October 11,1926.

Chicago American October 12,1926.

Chicago American October 13,1926. Some witnesses had claimed that Weiss bodyguards Sam Pellar and Benjamin Jacobs had shot Weiss. They assumed that for that split second, Pellar and Jacobs thought they were on the spot being double crossed by Weiss and just fired wildly at him. A .38 slug was supposedly found in Weiss' body during autopsy. If  at all true, they probably in panic, only shot him accidently during the return fire towards the machinegun fire coming at them from across the street.  Dr. Springer, the coroner who performed the autopsy on Weiss confirmed that one .38 caliber slug was removed from the body.

October 12,1926, Santa Fe New Mexican mentions " Two Murdered in booze war".
 (Mario Gomes collection).

October 15,1926, Chicago Herald Examiner reports Vincent Drucci is expecting to be hit next after Weiss' assassination.
 (Mario Gomes collection).

Mrs. Rotariu, who was the landlady at 740 North State street. She had rented the rooms to the Weiss killers.

Benjamin "Buddy" Jacobs. Chicago gangster who was wounded during the attack on the Weiss party heading towards Schofield's Flower shop.
Here he is being held for investigation in the Bridewell's hospital on October 28,1926. (Prison hospital).

Lawyer W.W. O'Brien being carried once again to the hospital.
O'Brien was no stranger to gangland bullets.

Weiss bodyguard Sam Pellar. He is later killed (June 1930) along with Michael Quirk and Joseph Bertsche in the Fox Lake Massacre for killing Eugene "Red" McLaughlin. McLaughlin was shot through the back of the head twice by Pellar during a card game. Pellar took his body, weighted it down and threw it in a canal.
(Mario Gomes collection)  

Scene at Manning hotel, Fox Lake Illinois where Pellar along with two others were killed in 1930.

The corner stone inscription of Holy Name Cathedral was also hit by bullets.Weiss was found to be carrying jurors names in his pockets for a trial involving Joe Saltis. Nefarious collusion is suspected in having the Saltis trial fixed via W.W. O'Brien and Weiss through payment or harrassment of the Saltis jury. Weiss is also suspected of creating a new alliance with Saltis against the Capone forces. On his person, Weiss was found to be carrying about $5,919 in cash and checks, along with his personal bible and a .45 Automatic. Some of the money found on Weiss seemed to change total amounts as the stories were repeated following his death.
The Sbarbaro funeral home on 708 North Wells is paid $1650 of Weiss' estate for his funeral.

Hymie Weiss in the Cook County morgue.
 These Cook County morgue photos first appeared in a publication called The Morgue; The Gangster's Final Resting Place. It was printed in 1933. This anonymous magazine was made to deter future criminals by showing them the ultimate consequences faced in living by the gun.
(Special thanks to Author Bill Helmer).

Doctor Joseph Springer
The coroner who performed the autopsy on Weiss and Murray.

Dr. Springer also had performed the autopsies on Big Jim Colosimo and Dean O'Banion. He testified at the inquest that he removed a .38 slug from Weiss's body. This was corroborated by a witness (Charles McKibben), who said he saw Weiss bodyguard Sam Peller whip out his .38 and fired a shot hitting Weiss. This shot may have been just a knee jerk reaction by Peller, who didn't know what was going on at the time when all hell broke loose in front of Holy Name. I tried to investigate in obtaining Dr. Springer's autopsy reports for Weiss, but was unlucky at several attempts over the years. The Weiss autospy is missing in action. I was told that it was misplaced. I disagree and my theory is that it is stolen by being in someone's possession. Why? Because I had no problem securing Patrick Murray's autopsy.

Dr. John Joseph Eichstaedt

Dr. John Joseph Eichstaedt claimed he found the $5,209 on Weiss's body. Fireman Louis Diana, who helped load Weiss's body for Henrotin Hospital, said he saw a .45 Caliber Automatic in Weiss's belt.

Dr. Springer was always getting into hot water with police and authorities. He publicly butted heads with officials and resented whenever his autopsy reports were questioned. Another doctor at the shooting scene was Dr. John Joseph Eichstaedt. He administered first aid to victims and told the inquiry that he had removed the money found on Weiss's body for safe keeping. Dr. Springer contradicted this and argued that the police made some of the money disappear. claiming some on the force were corrupt. This lead to heated public arguments between Springer and authorities.

It's been several years and I have had no luck in locating Earl J. Weiss's autopsy. The request has come back repeatedly with it being misplaced. This to me means more stolen than anything else.
I was lucky with the help of my assistant in finding Patrick Murray's autopsy. This can give us a good indication of what Weiss also received as wounds.

Autopsy for Patrick J. Murray.

One bullet left side of neck. This bullet took a downward course and came out the back on the right side leaving a large wound.
Second bullet entered the top right shoulder and took a downward path exiting the back on the right side leaving a large wound at the third rib.
Third bullet entered left cheek and exited right side of jaw.
A fourth bullet entered center of breast bone one inch below the top and took a backward course through the right lung and passed out right side of back. Six dorsal vertebrae next to spine.
Fifth bullet entered one inch below left eye took a backward course and lodged in spinal coumn. This wound was large and ragged.
Sixth wound entered left side of collar bone, shattering the bone and taking a downward and backward course lodged in the muscle under the skin close to the spine near the last dorsal vertebrae. (.45 Caliber steel)
Five wounds passed from right to left small opening.
I found two shot wounds entered above pubic bone and took a course to the left and passed out.
One small shot entered right leg near hip passed under the skin two inches and passed out.
A second small shot entered right leg, three inches above right knee, plowed under the skin thriee inches and passed out.
A third small shot passed through below the knee, passed one inch to the left and passed out.
A fourth small shot entered middle third of right foreleg and glanced off.
A fifth small shot struck top of right foot and glanced off.
Hemorrhage oozed from right shoulder and back and also from neck.

In my opinion, the said Patrick Murray came to his death from hemorrhage and shock due to gunshot and bullet wounds in and through the body. .45 Caliber steel jacketed bullets.

Dr. Joseph Springer
Total of money found on his body. $2,160 Also found on Murray are eyeglasses, keys, auto insurance, various papers and checks.


His funeral was a fairly decent one, 200 family and friends, but way smaller than O'Banion's. The total price tag of $1,650 was shelled out to Sbarbaros for his funeral. His close friends, the likes of George Moran,Vincent Drucci, Julian Kaufman, Frank Gusenberg, Sam Finkelstein and others were all there to send him off.
Even Marty Guilfoyle, who had knocked off Pete Gentleman at the old 2222 South Wabash was there in attendance.

For the grieving Weiss family, all the photographers and newspapermen were banned from the services. Massenet's "Elegie" was playing in the background which brought more than few mourners to tears.
The flowers in Sbarbaros were overflowing. Streamers falling from gates ajar and golden letters reading"Uncle Raymond", "Uncle Joe and the family", "Our Pal"and "Our Brother". In another wreath, a clock with the hour hand stopped at 4:00pm, this when Hymie got his.

Hymie's sister Violet Weiss Monahan and her husband Patrick Monahan.

Hymie's mother Mary Weiss heavily veiled between sons Bernard and Fred Weiss.

 Ten Cars of flowers led the way for the hearse containing Hymie's remains.
The funeral procession made it's way on Wells and through the loop at 25 miles an hour.

Other family members and friend's of the departed had added unusual decorations to their vehicles. Political signs of various candidates for various judge positions.

He was laid out in grand gangster fashion and placed in the public vault in Mt. Carmel until the family erected a mausoleum close to his pal Dean O'Banion.

Showgirl and Earl J. Weiss lover, Josephine "Libby" Simard shown here in 1927, hoping to cash in on Hymie's will.
Different from the similar photos out there, you'll notice in this photo that she is looking away from the camera.
(Mario Gomes collection)  

In 1927, the Weiss family had a short lived battle with Weiss' girlfriend Josephine Simard. She had claimed right to his estate as being his wife. She claimed that she and Weiss had eloped in Florida. No proof ever came of this and she dropped her case. The family and Simard had thought that a safety deposit box contained large amounts of cash and bonds.They were opened by court order and were found to contain nothing of value. The total of Hymie's estate came to $10,601.78
The total amount included a $2,000 Lincoln Fleetwood Limousine Cleopatra, motor serial #30779 and body # 7-9759 and one wrist watch valued at $150.
$10,601 of his estate remaining after all expenses were paid (court) was seperated equally amongst his brothers, sister and father. This came out to $1363.84 and half each.  
Violet Monahan (Hymie's sister), remembered her brother every year until 1950, with an in memoriam placed in the newspaper on his assassination date. Josephine Simard returned to Quebec, where she lived up to 100 years old, dying in 1998.
During his short life,Hymie Weiss had been suffering of severe migraines due to a brain disorder many years before he died.This led many to believe that he knew that he wasn't going to live to be very old, either by this disease or gangland guns.
There was a story that a truck driver once told Weiss that his life must be grand. (Girls, money etc...). Weiss was supposed to have replied " You know what? I would trade my life with yours in a heartbeat! You don't know it, but you have it better than I do."

17 days after the Hymie Weiss assassination, Mayor Dever put in place a "flying gangster squad". It was formed after the public's plea to arrest suspected gangsters and associates. Detective John Stege (black hat) is in the middle.

John Stege's signature on letterhead.
(Mario Gomes collection)  

Holy Name Cathedral today.
(Mario Gomes collection)

People often mistake the very visible hole above the date A.D. 1874 for a bullet hole.
See to the right.This is merely a plaque holder! You can bet your life that if it was an actual bullet hole, the archdiocese would have covered it up in a heartbeat!
(Mario Gomes collection)

Patrick "Paddy" Murray in Mt. Carmel. Northside gangster killed with Hymie Weiss in front of Holy Name Cathedral. His death photo lying on the sidewalk next to Schofield's always misrepresented as being that of Weiss.
 (Photo courtesy of Mr. Josh Perry)

Weiss family mausoleum March 1943. His sister Violet was a constant visitor and placed a Christmas wreath on the doors.

Earl "Hymie Weiss the only Northsider Capone really feared.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Hymie's relative Bob Koznecki and I in front of Hymie's mausoleum.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Inside the mausoleum.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Earl J.Weiss entombment.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Patrick Murray

 Patrick 'Paddy' Murray and his children Geraldine, Parnell and Marguerite. Patrick immigrated from Ireland to Chicago and was noted as a good father who just fell into the wrong business in order to make a decent living for his family.
In 1911, he was shot in the mouth and survived. His later association with Weiss didn't last very long, as both were killed in front of Holy Name Cathedral. (Murray near Schofield's flower shop).
Murray's only claim to fame was being mistaken for Weiss in death.

Patrick Murray with his wife Mary and their three children Margeurite, Geraldine and Parnell.
Marguerite was killed when she was hit by an automobile. She died in her brother's arms as he tried to carry her to the hospital. Parnell grew up to be a firefighter in service for 45 years. He was a real man, a guy who loved his beer, women and the Chicago Cubs.

Patrick 'Paddy' Murray in Mt. Carmel.
 (Photo courtesy of Mr. Josh Perry)

First Posted June 2005