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Al Capone's Etched Glasses

Four cordial glasses with JCG monogram from 93 Palm Avenue Miami Beach.
These glasses were purchased at Abraham Quint jewelers at 5 South Wabash.
(Mario Gomes Collection)

Leslie Hindman 1992 auction catalog with listing of four cordials with JCG momogram engraved on them.

According to document research and facts, this entry for the item in Leslie Hindman's catalog is incorrect. The initials on the glasses do not match up with Al Capone's parents, grandparents or Mae Capone's family initials as suggested.
I've contacted the Capone / Coughlin relatives and no one can connect the JCG monogram to any of Al's relatives besides Al or Ralph Jr.
At first, the impression is what about John Capone? Nice thought, but John's name was Ermino John Capone which would have made his monogram ECJ and not JCG.

Ermino John Capone's grave marker. His monogram would not equate to JCG.

There can be two possibilities.

1) The initials on the glasses were most probably the result of a simple error when relating to the store clerk what was to be put on the gifted glasses. Instead of ACG, the clerk probably understood JCG. A and J sound exactly the same depending on who says it, and especially if the order was made through a candlestick phone. Why do I theorize this explanation? Because it's the only real logical explanation.

2) Only one other in the Capone family had the Gabriel title placed right before the Capone family name besides Alphonse.
It was Ralph Capone Jr. He used the middle Gabriel title later in his life only as a last name when he dropped the Capone name to seek anonymity from the limelight.
Now Ralphie or Risky, as the family called him, also went under Jr. to distinguish him from his father Ralph.
 Could JCG be for Jr. Capone Gabriel?

Ralph Jr.'s initials would be the only ones close to the monogram on the glasses.
Jr. Capone Gabriel? I think this would be the most positive answer!

What we do know

These did come from Capone's Miami home through the 1952 home owner Thomas Warren Miller and were purchased at the April 15, 1992, Leslie Hindman Al Capone auction in Chicago.
Most people assume Al had just an "A" or a "C" on his personally owned items. This is not case at all! First off, the sole letter "A" was NEVER EVER used by Al Capone. The sole letter "C" was only for items that were used by everyone ( family and guests) EX: glasses, flatware etc....

"A.C." was inscribed on Al Capone's most personal possessions. EX:  Diamond pocket watch, a photo locket from his wife or for a monogram on the left sleeve of his silk shirts.
Besides the initials AL, the "ACG" monogram was also inscribed on items that were mostly gifted to Capone. This referred to his full name Alphonse Gabriel Capone in monogram form which had the family initial in the middle with the first and middle initials on their respective sides. An example of a gifted item was a golf bag presented to Al Capone after his release from prison and his upon arrival home in Miami in 1940. This bag was given to Capone by the boys in the Outfit. Being too ill at the time, Capone instead gave it to his son Albert Francis to use in a Florida golf tournament. Keep in mind that Al Capone had many items belonging to him that had no monogram whatsoever. SEE Shot Glass

Golf bag gifted to Capone by the outfit upon his release from prison. Note the ACG monogram.
Please also note that these photos and golf bag are just used as an example for the initials A.C.G. being used and they are not part of my collection.

JCG Monogrammed Cordial glass from Capone's 93 Palm Avenue Miami home.
The items were purchased along with Capone's home from Mae in 1952 by Thomas Warren Miller. Miller sold the house a year later, but held on to the items until they all went up for auction in 1992. Glass is sitting a top the horn of Al Capone's cuckoo clock that hung in his Lexington Hotel Office suite.
(Mario Gomes Collection)

These are authentic and couldn't be faked because a counterfeiter who would have most certainly put the most obvious AC or C,  but not JCG.

Also, many out there were not in the know about ACG engravings. If the theory is true, then most probably Capone was given these glasses at no charge for the engraving mistake and new ones were sent with the correct ACG monogram.
Mae Capone gave away a lot of Al's first hand personal stuff to family and friends. To be done with everything and in order to move on with her life, Mae sold the rest of the items to Thomas Miller along with the house in Miami. Did you know that many of Al's suits ended up being donated to Goodwill?

Al Capone purchases for glassware made the papers for his income tax trial.
The correct address is 5 South Wabash and not North Wabash.
Chicago Tribune October 13,1931.

Thomas Warren Miller, who purchased Mae's home in Miami lived there in 1953 for a year hoping to exorcise the gangster demons out of the house before he swapped it for an airfield. He stated when he bought the Capone home that he practically stole it from Mae because the pool itself was with hundreds of thousands. Miller held on to the items that were inside the home until April 1992, when he put them up for auction hoping for a huge pay day.
Thomas Warren Miller died on June 28,1998.