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Al Capone's Personal Silver Locket
(Pocket watch FOB)

Al Capone's personally owned Art Deco Silver photo locket - Circa 1930-31.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Certified 100%

 Silver locket with art deco style "A C" black enameled initials was owned and worn by Al Capone. This locket was attached to a Capone pocket watch like the authentic one found HERE.
Please note that this pocket watch is not in my collection and is only used in reference to my Al Capone locket.
(Mario Gomes collection)

Al Capone sure had class! He was also probably according to some, vain and enjoyed owning items which had his initials on them. Pocket watch, cigarette cases, belt buckles, rings, pen holder, hip flask, etc.... I know, sure, anyone can fake items, find any jewelry with the initials A.C. and claim it as Capones. Ebay sometimes has these clowns trying to pass off monogrammed jewelry as belonging to Al Capone. Here are some rules to remember,
1) Al Capone's personally owned items were only monogrammed A.C. , not ***AL, not A, not C, or any other letters!! That's why it's very important to have solid provenance when acquiring these items.

2) Only buy items with solid provenance. The story, dates and people involved have to fit the history of the item.
A good source are Items that were passed down by actual Capone family members or relatives or people that were close to the Capone family. Do your homework and if you get the chance to buy at an auction or estate sale where family members or friends are selling family items, then save your money and go for it! These are rare and hard to come by. It's better to bite the bullet and pay more money for something real than it is to pay little for something that is fake. Something real will always retain it's value, if not more.

*** There are a handful of Al Capone's verified personal items, such as a penknife that was attached to his watch chain, a money clip, and tie bar had the monogram AL. These are generally items gifted to Al Capone from others. His personally bought items were always initialed A.C. Some authentic Al Capone items had no monograms whatsoever!

No monogram on this one! Mario Gomes is holding an authentic Al Capone owned shot glass made in Italy.
It was given to him by Al Capone's living granddaughter Diane Patricia Capone.

From the Capone family estate sale here is Al Capone's personal silver pocket watch fob photo locket. This locket contained photos of the most important in Al Capone's life. His beloved wife Mae, the apple of his eye Sonny, his dear mother Theresa and his staunch defender and only little sister Mafalda. (Al's only other sister had been dead at birth). While Al loved all his family, he kept these four real close to his heart at all times. Due to the personal nature of this locket, it was almost certainly given to Al by his wife Mae. Why? Because it has no extra flash such as diamonds. Mae was low key and her taste reflects this gift. The other major factor is that sequence of photos shows definitely that it is from Mae to Al. In it, Mae first, Sonny, then Theresa, and lastly Mafalda. Mae wasn't mean and would not exclude Al's family. Mafalda on the other hand would never put Mae first, if in there at all! It was the one time where Mae made herself first in Al's eyes and put Mafalda last!

Mae Josephine Coughlin Capone and Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone. Notice the burn mark and the X scratched on Mae's picture. This was done after Al's death when the locket was in Ralph Capone's possession. This may have been done by either Mafalda or Theresa, both of whom were jealous and resented Mae. I'm more leaning towards Mafalda. This latter info was corroborated by a Capone family member close to Mafalda.
(Mario Gomes collection)

In his moments of loneliness and melancholy or during his trips away from home Al would probably have thumbed through the locket as shown by the wear on the photos. Al would have definitely shown the photos when talking about his family to friends and business associates. He was especially proud of Sonny often referring to him as "the Sheik" or "Junior". Al always referred to Mae as his "Maggie dear" or "my sweet".

A reflection of Al Capone's style and taste. Even to the smallest details. Al had his initials monogrammed on everything, from his silverware to his handkerchief. This strong provenance item came with a signed affadavit from the Capone family.
(Mario Gomes collection)

This locket was probably purchased at Al's favorite choice for jewelry and gifts. He always shopped at A. Quint Company, 5 South Wabash, Chicago. There he purchased silverware, flatware, jewelry such as rings, buckles. He also had everything monogrammed at this store. The store is no longer there but the building still stands and is still jewelry oriented.

Invoices for Jewelry and other silverware purchased personally by Al Capone at A. Quint Company.
(Mario Gomes collection)

What is a fob?
A short chain or ribbon, usually with a medallion or similar ornament, attached to a watch and worn hanging from a pocket.
The fob also helped ease the retrieval of the pocket watch from the pocket. Instead of grabbing it by the chain the user usually got a hold of the fob first.

 It would hang from the chain, but would be tucked away in the vest pocket. (Not evident as shown here in this simulation).

Al's mom Theresa and sister Mafalda. Sadly, time has erroded some of the photos transferred to the locket. Probably due to Al's saliva. Al's mom has the most damage and may be due to the fact that Al probably kissed this photo the most. See the shape of damage. It matches the form of puckering lips. Like most, Al loved his mom the most above all!
(Mario Gomes collection)

In Wisconsin hunting mid 1940's. Al Capone (center) sitting and his brother Ralph J. Capone watching over him (right standing).
(Mario Gomes collection)

This amazing piece of Al Capone memorabilia was obtained through the ATR estate sale company. The item is from the Capone family estate which was found in Ralph J. Capone personal keepsakes of his brother Al. Ralph Capone, who most in history have simply overlooked his role in the Chicago outfit have mistakenly not given him the credit he deserves in the history books. Ralph was a busy businessman during and after Al's reign in Chicago. It was Ralph who first joined Al in Chicago and was Al's real right hand man. He knew of Al's whereabouts at all times and helped kept business running like a top, all the while keeping Al informed when he was away. Ralph later was the glue that kept the Capone family together during times of crisis. Ralph and the Capone side of the family were not too kind to Mae and Sonny. Ralph did take care of Mae and Sonny but only as a promise to Al when he passed away in 1947. Make no mistake as Ralph was every bit tough and his word commanded respect even in his old age at Mercer, Wisconsin. Oddly in later years he had a very compassionate side, which he showed in his donations and support of local charities.

Back of silver locket watch fob.
(Mario Gomes collection)

My special thanks to Mr. Josh Beam and the good people at ATR Estate Sales in Wisconsin for making this item possible.